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panoramic flights croatia

Experience Croatia from above

panorama flight croatia

Share the costs. Share the experience.

Welcome to the

Panoramic Flights Croatia 

first Croatian flight-sharing platform!

A place where passengers and pilots share costs of private flights

and enjoy flying above Croatia for less money.

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Panoramic Flights Croatia flight-sharing platform works

Experience a scenic flight
above Croatia

Fly above Croatia's most beautiful locations. Visit nature's most beautiful sights from  above and enjoy the freedom of flying through the clouds...

panoramaflug kroatien


Choose from various pre-planned routes that will take you to the best places Croatia has to offer!

Prices starting at
49€  per person!

VIP private transfer

Fly private at reduced price! Fly directly to your vacation Island in Croatia or visit popular European destinations.

transfer flight croatia
poklon bon panoramski let

Gift voucher

Want to give someone a unique gift? 
Get them the unforgettable experience of flight! 

directions to the airport

Find directions to the airport where your flight takes place

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Damir S.

Nezaboravno iskustvo, nešto što ću svakako ponoviti i svakome bi preporučio! Pohvale cijeloj ekipi, a posebno pilotu koji je bio izvrstan!

An unforgettable experience, something I will definitely repeat and would recommend to anyone! Congratulations to the whole team, and especially to the pilot who was great!

Cessna 172 on short final_edited.jpg

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