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Panoramic Flights in Croatia - What to visit?

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

panoramic flights in Croatia

Croatia has gained its very own flight-sharing platform! Panoramic Flights Croatia is a platform where passengers choose from various pre-planned scenic routes and share the cost of flying with local pilots.

Panoramic Flights Croatia has made plenty of panoramic routes to choose from. From flying above Croatia's beautiful national parks, visiting lovely Islands of Adriatic sea, to exploring historic locations - You will get a variety of options to choose from. All of the routes are pre-planned by experienced aeronautical engineers and flown by experienced pilots. Experience the freedom of flight in a 4-seat Cessna aircraft above Croatia!

fly above islands


Croatia has over 1200 islands, each more beautiful than the next. Our pilots will take you flying over some of the most beautiful islands on the Adriatic. You will be amazed by the colors, shapes and surroundings of these island. A must-see while traveling in Croatia!

flight above plitvice lakes

National Parks

Croatia's national parks are one of the most beautiful and most visited national parks in Europe. Fly to Plitvice Lakes, mountain Velebit, Islands Kornati and many more. And since Croatia is very compact, you can visit many national parks and other natural gems in one flight in less than 3 hours! Perfect for short stays in Croatia!

panoramic flight in pula

Historic locations

There is a lot in Croatia's history that makes Croatia a popular destination. From ancient Roman Arena in Pula to the medieval architecture of Dubrovnik. Explore these locations on our flights and get the best perpective there is - from above!

If you are traveling to Croatia for your holiday, in most cases you don't have time to visit everything you might want. Panoramic flights offer you a chance to explore the best locations in Croatia in only a few hours. For the price of a family dinner in a restaurant, you can have the experience to remember and a chance to experience Croatia from above! Head over to the Panoramic Flights Croatia website and book your flight now!

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